Nicole Breault Winner Of Third U.S. Women’s Championship

Nicole Breault took part in the U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship 2018 which was organized by St. Francis Yacht Club between 24th and 26th of August. Breault along with her crew member Molly Carapiet, Hannah Burroughs as well as Karen Loutzenheiser without even a single loss defended their title successfully in the year 2016.

Allie Blecher from Long Beach, California sailed with Ali Blumenthal from Bethport New York, Molly Noble, and Beka Schiff played quite well in 2nd in a semi-final round against Janel Zarkowsky. Breault said it was an icing on the cake when she ran the table. However, it was not what she had anticipated. She thought either Janel or Allie will find it tough to come out of semi-finals. They had to be ready to face the battle. Breault, Loutzenheiser and Carapiet also achieved the Allegra Knapp Mertz Trophy in the year 2015. After the victory, Breault was invited over to take part in the US. Match Racing Championship in 2018 organized by Chicago Yacht Club in October. She was already eligible to represent the 2019 U.S. Nations Cup Grand Final. Today, she is ranked as number one match racer in the women’s division in the country and number 8 in the world.

There were 8 teams which were brought down to 2 during 3 stages of match in San Francisco Bay. It commenced on Friday with a round robin first to understand seeding. However, it was delayed as there was light winds noticed which is a very rare scenario on these waters. As a result, it led to a bit of additional practice. By Saturday, things seemed better as there was adequate breeze that powered the teams to buck up through the rounds. Breault continued doing her best to be on top.

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